Friday, January 21, 2011

Why are Americans such prudes

I've touched upon this before how America has been adapting some of the UK's shows. One of them being the ground-breaking, envelope-pushing Skins being shown on MTV. I've heard about many articles, on the Internet and on TV, regarding the show and how it could be child pornography and how some of the organizations against it are trying to get the show off air. After watching the first episode, I thought this version of Skins was actually mild compared to the BBC version. Of course being America, the curse words were bleeped out, less nudity, and very tame. The whole point of the series is to push to the edge of what is normally shown on TV. Now how come it's ok for a much riskier version to be shown over in the UK but the tame version in the US is coming under so much scrutiny. However, I do not know (haven't done research) whether Skins in the UK was this big of a deal when it came out but it's now going into it's 5th season there. It has a huge following, including those in the US who watch it on BBCAmerica or even on the Internet. No wonder shows from the UK usually fail becoming Americanized. Seriously, what is our problem? If you don't want to watch, don't. If you don't want your children watching then block that show or channel. I'm sure with this new technology and parental controls it's possible. Also, I'm sure you're children have seen much worse on the news or other TV shows or movies that you're not aware of. I am now stepping off my soap box and hopefully moving to the UK soon.


The Ground Beneath My Feet said...

I just think that Americans are not equipt to deal with sex on any level. We show teens having sex, but never show them how to protect themselves. In Europe, they are so much more open about sexuality and the bible belt supresses Americans because if we don't talk about it, then it doesn't happen. Like Prohibition

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