Monday, January 10, 2011

BBC and Youtube

So last night at Starbucks I was talking with a couple girls about BBC shows and how amazing they are and how we are unsure how the Americanized versions of those shows will be. Starting this month there will be about 3 BBC shows that will become American. Skins on MTV, Shameless on Showtime, and Being Human on SyFy. I've also heard that Torchwood is coming to America (of course with a brand new cast because they basically killed everyone) but no more news on when that will start. Of course I will watch these shows to compare them to the British versions which were amazing. However, I do not have Showtime so need to find another way to watch that show. If anyone has any suggestions where I can see that....preferabley for free, let me know. As for the others, if you have seen them, let me know what you think!

Another topic last night was how I like youtube artists. And trust me there are a lot of artists on youtube better then the Biebs that haven't been discovered (As you can tell I don't like that kid). Anyways some of my favorites are Christina Grimmie when she performs with Sam Tsui and of course Sam Tsui. Below will be some videos that I like. But one of the girls said that there is a guy named Charlie McDonnell. Apparently he's British (*swoon*) and really good. I have yet to listen to him but hopefully will the next couple days. So enjoy some creative mixes and well done covers!


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