Monday, June 15, 2015

Wake Up Call

This past weekend was my dad’s 65th birthday.  Such a great celebration with friends and family that was documented by my aunt who is the photographer in the family.  Looking at the pictures posted on FB, I came across one that horrified me.  It was a picture of myself from behind:

Now, I understand that I am overweight.  But I always had an idea of what I might look like to others based on what I saw in the mirror.  However, nothing that I ever pictured looked like that.  As weighing over 300 lbs, I knew I might be bigger than what I was seeing but to be that?  It was a huge wake up call. 
Every few months or so I try to get back on track.  I try to lose weight so I don’t feel the way I do.  I’m always told what a great person I am and how beautiful I am on the inside but I want that beauty to be matched on the outside.  Whenever I get on these kicks I lose about 20lbs or so but then I become lazy and slide back into bad habits.   I’m hoping by keeping this blog that it will be another way to hold myself accountable besides having my roommate help and as a way to document my progress which will hopefully lead me to living a healthy life style.   Here’s to the start of a new journey.

Age: 31

Starting weight: 306.6

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