Sunday, February 26, 2012

Almost 2 months in

It has almost been two months since I've started really cutting out grains and trying to keep track with WW and I have lost 11lbs so far. Of course if I was losing the normal 2lbs a week than that means I should have lost 16 lbs by now but I'm happy with myself since I have eaten some junk (ice cream, potatoes, etc). For let I did give up potatoes and I think that's helping with the weight loss since I'm not overcompensating not having bread by having potatoes. We'll see how well this goes in the coming days/weeks.  But I was so happy when I weighed myself and I was down 11lbs since the New Year. It won't be long until I'm excited about losing 30, 50, or even 100lbs. Just have to keep on keeping on :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Way to set yourself up

The plan for February is to limit potato in my diet. When I think of potato I don't think of sweet potatoes as being included but I really need to remember to limit the intake with them as well. That being said, what do I have for lunch today but a potato soup from the cafeteria. WTG Meg. It's the first day of the month and have the one food that you're supposed to eat less of. I need to stop setting myself up for failure and start really thinking about the choices I make. I'm just going to accept I made a mistake and move on. I used up 1 out of the 4 times I'm allowing myself to have potato this month. Hopefully I won't be so careless with my choices next time. 

I also need to remember to take a photo of me. I decided, after reading the article in nerd fitness about the guy who lost 128lbs in 10 months, to take a photo of myself instead of weighing myself. Since weight is just a number and it fluctuates depending on muscle, the time of the month, or what you ate the night before. I'm also a more visual person when it comes to things so I think having a picture would help me more than a number.
Here's to being FabuLESS!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Going to a Whore for a Hug

Last late I blatantly went against my no breads/grains diet by order a double cheese burger from Wendy's and eating the bun as well.  I don't know why I think going to a fast food restaurant is the right thing to do on a diet. Like they say (whoever they are): Going to McDonald's for a salad is like going to a whore for a hug. However in this case I didn't even go for the salad, I went for the horrible double cheeseburger. I really need to start thinking about the repercussions when it comes to putting that filth in my mouth. All the hard work I've done this month, out the window because of a moment of weakness. However next month starts a whole new phase. I will cut out potatoes (as much as possible) and start "jogging". The jogging part will come towards the middle of the month but I will start. I will also start doing more exercises at home to start incorporating more cardio. I can do this and I will do this!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's been awhile

I've been MIA from here, per usual. I usually have those moments when I blog everyday and then go missing for a couple months. I'm hoping to use this more as a way to help me lose weight then anything else, not like anyone would read it. It's more for personal use anyway.

I started another weight loss journey. I'm optimistic this one will stick. I feel as though I'm more focused on it this time. I've cut out carbs (i.e. breads, cakes, cookies, grains). I still eat potatoes (no way I could give those up). I'm very proud of myself. I went a full 7 days of no carbs until I slipped on Saturday after a night of drinking and not eating dinner. I just couldn't give up that amoroso roll with the cheesesteak. But instead of holding it against me, I accept the slip up and have moved on. I'm doing really well with Weight Watchers again since giving up breads. I don't have all my points going to them so I'm able to eat more.

After one week I'm down 3lbs! That is without working out. I've also have been doing well with keeping at/under my point values for the day. Something I was failing at doing last week but have gotten better with this week. A lot of it has to deal with breakfast. I still need to find a good fast food breakfast that doesn't have bagels, muffins, etc. and doesn't kill my point values in one sitting.

I'm hoping to be more committed with working out starting next week. I'm going to try BodyRock. I'll blog my results for those as well.

Until next time....

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