Friday, January 21, 2011


To try to get my life in semi-order. I need to start with finances. Which means trying to find a wallet to hold my cards, ID, money, etc. that I like and but is kind of different. So I found three that I really like. I found  them on the site. The first is a cuff wallet. Basically it snaps on like a bracelet/cuff but when you uncuff it, it holds your money and what not. This would be perfect for the bar or seeing a concert. Definitely ordering one. Another was a cigarette case that can be used as a wallet. I know This has been done before but I think they are very cute. The last were cloth ones that looked like an England Police Box (think Dr. Who's Tardis) and a camera. Now I know what I want, just have to wait to get paid. Story of my life. But as I was looking for wallets I found ones that apparently are becoming popular. They are wallets that look like food. They have tacos, PB&J sandwiches, toast, cookies, etc. Craziness. I see them becoming popular in the next year or so.

While also l looking for wallets I came across a site called Trendhunter which I guess has all the upcoming trends. Of course the food wallets were on there but there was also something else called Second Skin Costumes: Invisible Clothes. These are hoodies that look like you aren't wearing one and skirts for girls that look like you can see through. They are pretty cool. I would never wear them, definitely takes a confident person to wear them (talking about the skirts) but they seem so real. I guess one more thing to look out for.



Katie said...

Those food wallets are super cool...those "skin" clothes or whatever they were called are weird though. Why would you want it to look like your skirt is see through?

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