Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Old post from old blog

This was published on an universal blog that my friends and I tried to get started almost 2 years ago that didn't quite work out but this is one of my posts from that blog. I love it because of the great old school memories.
So I've been so bored at work that I live for They're hilarious! Well there was this one that I appreciated: (401): OMFG BINX FROM HOCUS POCUS IS MCGEE IN NCIS!!!!!!!! most. epic. realization. ever.
So that made me think of Hocus Pocus and the kid who played Max and how he was on Eerie, Indiana. Then that got me thinking about old Disney and Nickelodeon shows. Then that led to snick, and TGIF and all the wonderful shows of the 90's. Therefore to pass my time at work I have compiled a list of old 90's shows that I loved. Hope this entertains you/brings back some good memories.

Addams Family
Adventures in Wonderland
Ahhh! Real Monsters
All That
Are you Afraid of the Dark?
Baby Sitter's Club
Bobby's World
Boy Meets World
Breaker High
Bug Juice

California Dreams
Clarissa Explains it All
Cosby Show
Double Dare
Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman
Eerie, Indiana
Family Matters
Flash Forward
Fraggle Rock
Freaks and Geeks
Full House
Gullah Gullah Island
Gummi Bears
Hangin' with Mr. Cooper
Hey Dude!
Home Improvement
Honey, I shrunk the kids
Kids INC.
Land of the Lost
Legends of the Hidden Temple
Muppet Babies
My Little Pony
My So Called Life
Pepper Ann
Perfect Strangers
Pete and Pete
Pinky and the Brain
Relic Hunter
Road to Avonlea
Rocko's Modern Life
Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Salute Your Shorts
Saved By the Bell
Secret World of Alex Mack
Sister, Sister
So Weird
Step By Step
Sweet Valley High
The New MMC
Tiny Toons
The Torkelson's
Ureka's Castle
What Would You Do?
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
Winnie the Pooh
Young American


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