Saturday, January 8, 2011

Last Bad Day

So I'm listening to Elvis Duran and the Morning Show and they had Dr. Oz on. Of course talking about the new year and weight loss. Every year for as long as I can remember my New Year Resolutions always include lose weight. 2010 I did well by going to the gym everyday until end of May/beginning of June when I got a job at Starbucks and couldn't go anymore. Back in 2008 I did well when I lost 50lbs but then since I couldn't afford a trainer anymore I lost my motivation and gained 30 of those lbs back. Starting tomorrow I will begin to work on my eating and drinking (since the actual time for the gym hasn't changed since June 2010). I will start drinking a gallon of water like I used to and going for the more healthy foods. Good proteins and complex carbs. I hate feeling sluggish and not having energy and since I'm almost 30, which I consider will be a great part of my life, I want to look better so I can feel better. I eventually want to start doing p90x or intensity so I can do it in my house when I actually have time. I do want to try to go onto the Biggest Loser. I printed out the application and have it all filled out, I'm just waiting on them to open the application process for the next season. So until then, I'm going to start myself. I really want this to work. I know I have the will power (when I'm trying) however when going out with friends it's hard not to get those fatty appetizers or amazing desserts. My weakness is carbs. I LOVE CARBS. I need to find a way to manage that. So today, Saturday, January 8, 2011, will be my last day of all those bad things (since I already started off the day with a breakfast hoagie from WAWA that is VERY bad). Along with this blog I will also try to keep track of my fitness. There are websites that help me such as which I might start again but it's so time consuming to keep up. We'll see.
Now for something completely different.
So totally changing topics, I went to frist friday last night (I will do a post about that with pictures) and my friend said that in the summer she wants to take a weekend trip to Chicago. That got me thinking of all the places I want to go but haven't gone to. Chicago would be amazing. There is a UBoat that my grandfather(who recently just passed) captured during WWII. I would love to go there to see it plus take in the sights. There are so many other places in the US that I would love to see as well such as Seattle, Niagra Falls, Vegas, Boston, San Fran, Hollywood, Hawaii, Grand Canyon, Cape Cod, Yosemite Nation Park, Alaska, New Orleans, Savannah, and Denver. So many places and this is just in the US. One day I will.


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