Sunday, January 9, 2011

Today is the day

So today starts my healthy eating. I pray this sticks...for the rest of my life. I'm also starting to wear my easytones as a way to slightly work out.
There is a local DJ who I kept hearing lost about 50lbs in 3 months (which I think is a lot for that short amount of time) and how she has a blog. I thought I would use this to help motivate me. However, I found out the reason she lost so much weight was by doing the weight loss shakes. Which is all well and fine. But I was hoping it was something more like working out and eating well. I do have these weight loss shakes called Right Size Smoothies. So for breakfast I will have one and I might sub lunch or dinner with one but I really do want to do this right and not rely on weight loss supplements. However one thing or I guess one goal is the same. To be happy and healthy. Here's to 2011 turning my life around.


The Ground Beneath My Feet said...

I cannot stress enough how AWESOME the hula hoop is. FOR SERIOUS. Changed my life and changed my body. My abs are still sore from my Saturday's 45 minute session. I just rock out to some fun music and get out any aggression that I have. LOVE IT.

Whit said...

I know. I'm going to look on ebay or just a place that sells them. I just need to get paid friday lol

The Ground Beneath My Feet said...

That I completely understand!

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