Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Declare War on the Dream Stealers

Well last night we had our weekly meeting for MK. I’m always so happy when I go to the meetings learning new things and recognizing everyone’s achievements for the week. I feel amazing everytime I leave the meetings and wish I could feel that happy all the time (one day). One of the things we touched upon was if you are going to call a friend and they are in a bad mood. HANG UP. Do not talk to them a second longer. I know that I have been that person in the past but I am working on that and hopefully won’t be like that for much longer. I hope (if anyone reads this) that you find what makes you happy and hold onto that feeling.
On an important side note. If you are at all interested in buying MK products or want to hold a party, you know who to contact J you can visit my site at marykay.com/megan.whitman


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