Monday, January 24, 2011


I know I said that I wouldn't use this as a place to write negative things, however at this present time I don't have anyone to talk to since I can't call my friends while I'm working.... and I'm always working. I figured maybe writing it on here might help my mood today since I guess all the bad stuff is shining through to the point people are asking if I'm ok.
On Friday I got in a big fight with my mom. Result was she doesn't think I listen to what she has to say and she thinks everyone is against her and no one is listening to her and always putting her down. This is after she tried telling a story about someone at her work. My sister made a comment "oh this again" and decided to play on her phone while I (not really wanting to hear this again) did pay attention and listened to what she had to say. Then on the way home from the restaurant she told me something that she wanted to do but I thought she said at a later time but she wanted it done right then and there. So because I mistakenly heard her wrong and tried to correct it she got mad to the point of slamming doors. AWESOME. So I have not spoken to my mom since Friday because of this. As for the other person in my house, my sister.
On Saturday she decided to go get food for the house but was told from my mom to get food for herself. That's all fine and good but it was with the money I paid for the phone bill and apparently the food was only for her in a house that has no food to begin with. So she gets mad because I had one personal pizza of hers that somehow thwarted the entire eating schedule she had planned out for the food. Meanwhile, I'm sure her boyfriend can have any food that he wants.
I'm just so tired of it all. I'm tired for being blamed for not listening when I am, making people starve themselves, for working 3 jobs and still not having money to pay bills, not seeing or talking to my friends, still living at home and dealing with crap, being overweight and not being able to change. I'm just tired.

Well this didn't really help the way I wanted it. I think I'm more upset now then I was before I wrote this. I thought writing things down was supposed to help? Just my luck.


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