Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Picturing Possibilities

So yesterday I was asking some of my friends and my mom, if I ever got motivated and started a photography business, what should the name be. I'm bad when it comes to thinking up things. My mom settled on Picturing Possibilities. However, my friends got a little caried away (which I loved!) and below are their ideas. Towards the end, I think my friend Erin was thinking more for movies or tv shows then for photography.

Steph: Pearl Photography
          Whitman's Sampler
          Rambler Photography
          WTF by Whit

Erin: Whit-tography!
        Gone with the Whit!
        Moments by Megan (no, just kidding, unless you wanted to do 80s style photography)

        Real Life with Whit (also could be your talkshow name)
       Whitty's List
       The Whitty Redemption
       Whit Fiction
       The Good, The Bad and the Whit
       City of Whit
       Life as Whit
       Some Like it Whit

Like I said they got carried away which is why I love them. A lot of thinking needs to be done.


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