Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy National Penguin Awareness Day

Yes, you read that title correctly. Today is Nation Penguin Awareness Day. I've had a slight obsession... well not really obsession but a love of penguins ever since about 2004-2005 when one fateful day I was bored and the only thing of slight entertainment was MTV's Date My Mom. On the show a mom explained how her daughter thought penguins were the galactic overlords and how they are supreme beings that have come to inhabit the earth. Of course I thought it was pretty hilarious. But the really funny part was after that I kept seeing penguins everywhere. From National geographic, to stuff animals, movies, commercials, etc. I think it was because I was paying attention more than normal but it was good for a little laugh just to remember what that girl said. Even though I do not think they are here to take over the world, I do believe they are very cute and as one mother said on "Someday i want to hold a penguin and rub its belly. It looks so soft." So Happy National Penguin Awareness Day. Be aware that maybe, someday, in the very distant future, penguins could inhabit earth. You never know.


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