Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Inside Look: Starbucks Barista

I love being a barista at Starbucks. You get free coffee, the occasional free pastries at night if there are too many to donate and you’re throwing them away, and you get to work with amazing people. I love it. But don’t get me wrong the job is very hard.  You’re constantly doing something whether it’s taking orders, making drinks, sweeping, cleaning the bathrooms, stocking, washing dishes, taking money, or making mochas, whip crèmes, froast, etc. You’re never not doing anything. Constantly on your feet unless you get a 10 min or 30 min break. It is exhausting. Not to mention doing all this for minimum wage since we earn tips. So the next time a barista accidently makes a wrong beverage or doesn’t record your order correctly the first time because they simply heard it wrong, please don’t get angry, understand that they will fix it because we believe you deserve what you order and we’re only trying to do our jobs.
All of this is coming from the amazing (no, I’m not being sarcastic) night I had last night. It was a great close with great people but I’m definitely exhausted this morning. I always forget how tiring this job makes me. I would totally do it as my full-time job if it actually paid more. It’s a shame barista’s don’t get paid what their worth. We are fueling America.
A side note: Apparently Starbucks is coming out with the 31 oz. cup for iced drinks. This will be coming out the beginning of May for all stores where it’s already being done in select states now. Please drink responsibly.


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