Thursday, January 13, 2011

Perfect Job

Well it is now 2011 and I believe this is the year of changes and when things will start falling into place (hopefully). I'm hoping maybe visualizing what I want (The Secret says to) that maybe I will get it. This of course is to get a well paying job (something more than the 19,000 that I get for working 2 jobs) that I love to do. In hopes of one day moving out of my mom's house and on my own. Well this dream job of mine would be one of two options. Working at a museum or national park for the visitor service department where I would give tours and share history with others or to work in the archives sorting artifacts for exhibits. Of course these jobs rarely have openings. So I will continue to hope for an opening while constantly checking websites. If that doesn't work out, maybe I can self-train myself more in photography, sell my photographs, make lots of money, and travel the world to one day settle in England or Ireland. What? A girl can dream.


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