Saturday, January 22, 2011


After coming home from work the last thing I wanted before going to sleep was to get in a fight. But getting in a fight in my mom is what I did. To find comfort I turned to Facebook to get my mind off of things. I come across a status update from my friend Cheryl: "Sometimes when i miss my college friends I randomly yell out "whiiiittttaaayyyy" and it brings me back to July 2010." This just reminds me how much I miss my friends. There are about 11 of us that are really close. We try to meet up every year on a vacation but usually that only includes about half of us. The first time we all were together since graduation was at Stephanie's wedding. It's unique for 11 girls to be close friends. But I consider them my best friends and I also consider myself very lucky to have them in my life. When times get tough, they are the ones I go to for help and support. We've had many nicknames for our group (well at least I had nicknames for us) such as Rosies, Bias, Posse, or as my dad calls us, the Irish Mafia. But no matter what they are my best friends. I really hope everyone has a chance to have a great group of girl friends or guy friends that they can turn to. Never take them for granted and always remind them how much they mean to you.


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