Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cannot be happiness without sadness

I'm am starting a blog today in the wake of burying the only grandfather I have known. While I am still mourning his passing I feel as though I need to start living my life: for him, for those I love, for myself. There is so much I want to accomplish that I just don't feel I have the motivation to do it. I want to travel, take photography more seriously, work for a job that I don't dread going to, only work one job and it be enough to pay bills, move out of my mom's house, lose weight, start a relationship, be happy. 2011 seems to be the year that all this can happen. I feel good about this year. So putting it in print, I'm hoping this will help me accomplish those things. The whole point of this blog is to keep me motivated, writing things that I would like to share or makes me happy.  You may or may not care what I write...not even sure if anyone will pay attention to this. But if there is someone out there, thanks for reading and I hope I can inspire or motivate you as well. Of course this will not be totally about my life, trust me, I'm not that interesting. So I will also put things such as websites, videos, quotes, movies, shows, etc. that I enjoy.
So to keep with the happy note here is a site that I am addicted to write now. It's hilarious: Enjoy!


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