Monday, June 20, 2011

Confusion and Annoyance

On Saturday my mom and I were supposed to meet with our trainer to do our evals and measurements. However, the trainer we signed up with, Alberto, was out sick. At that time, another trainer, Tyler, who was coming in on his off day to do a little workout of his own got roped into working. Now I know all too well about going to your work on your off day and being asked to work, it's happened to me in the past. Though you're annoyed, you do your job anyway and try not to let the customer know of your irritation. However, Tyler didn't understand this concept. No only were we painfully aware of him having to work on his only day off, but he just wasn't putting much effort into anything and making us feel comfortable. Throughout the entire hour we were reminded how he isn't supposed to be working, him flirting with other gym goers, how amazing his body is, how his goal is to have every girl have the perfect body and did I mention how amazing he was. His customer service was definitely lacking, especially for a customer service that we are paying a lot for. Also, while doing some of the evals (leg presses, cardio, etc), I felt as though he had no faith in me. He was surprised when I finished out the 3 min step ups after my mother who is thinner than me bailed at 2 min, we was shocked when I could leg press 110lbs for 30 some reps. I'm sorry but though I may not look it, I am sort of athletic. It comes from years (close to 25 years) of playing sports and trying to be active. I need a trainer who would have faith in me and push me to my very limit. Thankfully tonight we have a different trainer working with us. Hopefully Andy is better or else we may have to cancel our personal trainer package and push ourselves.
That was the annoyance part of this post. The confusion comes from the weigh in. At home I have a scale that we've had for a few years now, It has been stored in closest, dropped, kicked, etc. for those years. It's not electric and you have to make sure the line is on 0 before you start. Since I started weight watchers I have gone by this as calculating my weight. On Saturday I weighed myself and as usual it said I was at 265lbs. When we went to LA Fitness and weight ourselves it said I was at 245lbs. Tyler told me to go by my home one because apparently this new gym couldn't invest money in a brand new scale and had a non-electric scale to weigh on. Now that is a 20lb difference. Of course I need to find out which one is right. Hence the confusion. I could be in a lot better shape then I thought OR still need to be in the mentality of being what I've thought I've been. Hopefully I can find out soon.


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