Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Challenge Accepted

Last night my friend Cheryl posted a link on my website: 60 Pounds Over Weight to 6-pack Abs: A Success Story. To sum it up, a guy placed a bet with his friends that he would cut his body percentage in half and get in the single digits before his wedding in June 2011. Did I mention he made this bet Dec 2010 and started it in Jan 2011. Grant it he has for the past 2 years worked on his weight but he plateaued after that and that's what motivated him.
This being said, one of my best friends is getting married in June 2012. So starting one year from the wedding, June 16, 2011, my friend Cheryl, her sister Jill, and I will begin this crazy bet. However, since $500 scared me just to type out, we're going with rewarding ourselves with a trip to AC and of course looking good for Meg T's wedding.
Now in the blog post above, Saint (the guy) was told by his friend who writes the blogs to do the Paleo Diet. It's basically a no carb diet. No carbs or processed food. Just having fruits, veg (good carbs), chicken, fish, nuts. This will be the hardest thing for me since carbs are my weakness but I am determined to do it. Plus having the support of family and friends AND also being very competitive. I know I can do this! Here's to the rest of my life!


Cher.Real said...

80% Paleo 20% beer!!!

Whit said...

Sounds about right but doing this Paleo Diet, I might have to cut beer out too because it's too big of a temptation. That being said, not sure what I'm going to do down in the Keys lol

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