Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oh pictures, where art thou?

Back in December there was an article regarding a New Yorker who found a roll of film in Prospect Park and developed the film. He made a video with the pictures to try to find the owner. Recently the owner of the film claimed their missing pictures. I wish every story like this had a happy ending. Well apparently there is a site to sort of make those happy endings more common. The site is called People who find cameras put a few pictures up on the site and hopefully the person who lost it or a friend or family can look at the pictures and claim them. There have been so many success stories. I'm hoping for my own personal success story when I lost my camera (well my sister's camera) at Finnigan's Wake. So if anyone happens to find pictures of about 7 gorgeous girls at a graduation party and some crazy pictures at Finnigan's wake, you'll know whose photos they are! *Fingers crossed* One day my pictures will return to the rightful owner!


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