Monday, May 9, 2011

4 down

On Easter I started my new adventure for weight loss. This time trying to find something that I will stick with and knowing that this is something I will have to stick with until the day I die. This in mind, I thought Weight Watchers would be an excellent choice for me. It allows me to eat the foods I want so therefore I won't be falling off any wagon and it's a more realistic weight loss/diet method than I have seen. Since Easter (April 24, 2011) I have lost 4 lbs. That's 2 lbs a week. And what makes this more exciting is that not only have I not worked out yet (which will help with more lbs. per week lost in the beginning stages) but I don't feel like I'm dieting. This past Saturday for dinner I had a pizza steak, curly cheese fries, a milkshake, and creme brulee. Of course that was the only thing I really ate all day (which isn't good) but I still lost 2 lbs still with eating that junk. As long as I pay attention to what I'm having during the day and week I can splurge on alcohol and "bad" foods when I'm with family and friends on the weekends. I can definitely see myself doing this for the long haul which I guess is all part of that lifestyle change. I've not only increased the amount of water I'm having but I'm eating more salads and "good" foods than I have in the past. Here's to another 4 lbs... or eventually 100lbs!


Anonymous said...

Keep it up, you can do it! :)

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