Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I found this when I was looking for picture of "happiness" for this post. This was written by another blogger
    "If you ask me, I cold list out thousands of reasons why I am unhappy; I'm not clever enough, I don't know what to do with my life, I weigh way too much, I can't stop eating, I wish I'm someone else, I wish I enjoy life more, I've been told I'm such a useless person, I could do nothing, I'm such a burden, I can't even survive on my own, etc etc. But I know that if I keep on thinking negatively, I'm pretty sure I'll live a miserable, gloomy life for the rest of my life. That sounds...SAD! Do I want to feel sorry for myself until the day I die?"

I thought about this little excerpt. For a long time I have been striving to just be happy. Happy with the way I look, happy with my friends and family, happy with my life, happy with my job. I fell like ever since middle school I have been striving to be happy, so a very long time indeed. The other night I went to a friends house and was telling her sister about what was going on in my life: MK, applying for my dream job, and other odds and ends. She just looked at me and said (not word for word) "wow, I wish I was that happy". I of course said thank you but then it made me think. Even though I'm not happy with how I look or even working at my full time job. I am happy in other aspects in my life and in what could happen (the future). I believe that has something to do with the people I choose to have in my life, cutting out those who bring me down and who make me feel horrible.  I also think it also has to do with MK and the values I'm learning and being around amazing women. I think for the rest of my life I will continue to strive to be completely happy. But for now I am happy, well happier than I have been. I'm content and waiting for that day when all my hard work pays off.


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